My name is Gina Peterson, I have a passion for all handmade items, Real Estate, Photograph, Travel and Family.

I have 2 wonderful very busy boys. My oldest boy is in CWU on his second year of Major in Film and Production with a Minor in Theater. He shares a lot of my passions, like Photograph (You should check his work at www.felipefuego.weebly.com).

My youngest is very artistic in designs, coding, he plays baseball, soccer, football. A 5th grader in a challenge program who wants to become an Engineer.

Now you see why I said 2 very busy boys!

I'm also a Realtor (www.ginapetersonre.com), a designer, I loved to travel and off course create my store items. I hope you can find what you are looking for in my website and thank you in advance for your support.

"Be Kind with each other"

With Love, Gina Peterson.

Handmade Items.

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